About us

About us

We are in existence following years of both reading and writing experiences, we understand the uphill feeling and the frustrations of getting efforts into print, and the joy of overcoming that negativity. We know what it is like to have your efforts pulled apart by ‘professionals’ who seem to live to put you down.

If you wish to discuss your work further please use our contact page for an initial approach. Please make email contact at , giving your name, contact number and how we can help you. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

Our Team

Chris Howard, MA English Lit, MD, .a.

Editorial Head

Chris is an experienced writer, his early career as a journalist writing for National Geographic and The Daily Mail amongst other editorials. He has had his work published since the early 1980s, with award winning articles being printed over the next couple of decades. He has written Novellas and later Novels and had his books printed successfully in the traditional way by experienced publishers. However, a bad accident put his career into sleep mode, and time elapsed during his convalescence, whilst the publishers and agents who had been in charge of his writing career had by then either retired, moved out of the business or in the case of one major publisher no longer taking his genre of books after a major shift in their operations.

This led to a desire to help other budding authors to get into print without the destructive negativity which seems to prevail in the current world of books.

Cordelia McLeod, Dip Eng Lit

Public Relations / New Authors

Cordelia wrote her first book in the mid-1980s, and experienced the frustrations of sending work in to get ‘standardised’ letters of rejection where it was obvious no-one had even bothered reading her work. It left a bad taste about the industry in general and a desire to support others into publication. Her work in commerce over the years has grounded the experience needed to be supportive of others in their dreams, and to give them the confidence to further their own efforts. She brings extensive experience from many years working with local television and documentary teams, medical and legal work, and other fields which give an insight into many areas. Her interests are very wide-ranging and the written word is her expertise.

Candalaria Davila, MA English Lit

Chief Literary Agent / Media Liaison Manager

Candalaria is a flamboyant person with many contacts within the Media and Literary arenas. She is looking for a variety of authors, and is an important part of our team trying to place works with suitable agents for their manuscripts. If she likes the theme of your book, and feels she can take it further she will contact you.

She is looking for something ‘special’ and ‘unique’.

Jan Mathiesen

CGI Artistry / Graphic Design Leader

Jan is our Graphic Design Specialist with over 35 years’ experience of design and graphics. When the time comes for your book to go to print, give your thoughts of what you hope to convey, and let this innovative visualist help put your ideas into eye-catching covers.

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